Vee Mix Aug ’08

It’s supposed to be the dog days of summer in August but for some reason we’re already in a fall weather pattern which is not short of depressing. Just the thought of winter around the corner. Summer came too late and was too short! That’s life in the Northwest though and I’m not complaining at all about the great mountain bike trails this time of year and the the tourist windsurfers who have all gone home leaving nothing but wind and water all for me! Life is good. Music is good too. There have been some great new releases the last couple of weeks and I tried to throw a bunch into this latest mix.

The latest release from Australia’s Van She is called V and has been available for a while as an import. I heard it was being distributed domestically but I can’t find any info on it. For now it looks like you’ll have to get the import from Amazon or their older EP from iTunes. Opening up the set with their mellow aussie pop sounds ‘So High’. The more I’m listening to Toronto’s Crystal Castles the more I like these guys. I’ve been playing ‘Knights’ and ‘Crimewave’ on the radio for a while and most people are probably familiar with their remix of the Klaxons’ Atlantis to Interzone. For this mix I’m playing the mellow ‘Vanished”. Check out their full length debut album, simply titled: Crystal Castles.

More Aussie goodness with Presets and Ladyhawk. Okay, she might be a Kiwi transplant but it’s all down under for me. The Presets, ‘This Boy’s in Love’ is this years ‘Girl and the Sea’. There are already a bunch of good remixes of this tune floating around.

I saw the Black Kids when they opened for Cut Copy in Portland and I wasn’t super impressed. I don’t want to take anything away from their live set, but their overproduced studio sound is hard to reproduce live. That said, I like their latest track and Brazil’s ‘The Twelves’ add some nice touches to the remix.

I’ve been listening to The Black Ghosts for a while now and only recently read that Touche from the Wiseguys makes up half the band. No wonder I like these guys! Their songs have been remixed to death so I thought I’d go with the original which has been standing up against the remixes quite well.

One of my favorite breaks bands, the Plump DJ’s have a new release out and I pulled the hit track off their album. New Order’s Bernard Sumner is still around. His voice is starting to give away a bit but he still sounds better than Sting currently does. Check him out on Germany’s Blank & Jones track.

1. So High – Van She
2. Vanished – Crystal Castles
3. This Boy’s In Love – The Presets
4. Paris Is Burning (Cut Copy Remix) – Ladyhawke
5. I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You
(The Twelves Remix) – Black Kids
6. A Bit Patchy (Eric Prydz Mix) – Switch
7. Out There On The Ice – Cut Copy
8. That’s Not My Name (LA Riots Remix) – The Ting Tings
9. Anyway You Choose To Give It – The Black Ghosts
10. Tribulations – LCD Soundsystem
11. System Addict – Plump DJs
12. Miracle Cure – Blank & Jones Ft Bernard Sumner


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