Vee Mix Feb 2009

What, it’s not February anymore?

Okay you can call me a slacker but here’s a mix to make up for my tardiness!!  The Twelves are the hottest things to come out of Brazil on the musical front and they do a great number on this Groove Armada track.  Currently only available online via a Bacardi Promotion.  Supposedly there are 5 tracks on the upcoming Groove Armada EP.  I love everything Breakbot’s been doing and he added a great 80’s electro feel to an otherwise marginal song.  Gotta plug my Dutch homeboy JXL  with a track off his latest.  And what’s up with John Bourke?  Supposedly he’s from Oklahoma (The Reddest State in the USofA..) but he sure sounds like he’s been hanging out at Sprokets in Berlin on this track.  It actually sounds good with a psuedo German accent.  N.A.S.A. is blowing up right now.  It’s an acronym for North America/South America.  Music doesn’t sound like anything new to me but they do have some big name vocalists on the album.  These guys must have quite the rolodex.  Presets are coming back to Portland for a show in April and I love “If I know you” off their latest album “Apocalypso”.  They took everything that was great from 80’s new wave music and put it all in one song.  Brilliant!!  Speaking of 80’s, Plump DJ’s and Gary Numan…..Treat!!

1. Drop The Tough (The Twelves Remix) – Groove Armada
2. When We Were Young (Breakbot Mix) – Sneaky Sound System
3. New Toy – Junkie XL
4. Kids In Technicolor(Knights Remix) – Coldplay vs MGMT vs Daft Punk
5. What Is Love – John Bourke
6. Beat myself up (Don Diablo ReRub) – Plump DJs
7. Whachadoin? (Instrumental) – N.A.S.A.
8. Arguru – Deadmau5
9. If I Know You – The Presets
10. Jump N Twist – Freestylers
11. Pray For You (Feat. Gary Numan) – Plump DJs


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