Vee Mix June ’08

Now that we finally have some summer weather here in the Northwest part of the country, I thought it would be a great way to celebrate the summer solstice this weekend with a fun and eclectic summer mix. The Management from Brooklyn might have changed their name to the acronym MGMT but their sound hasn’t changed a bit. Their new album is called ‘Oracular Spectacular’ and the second single to be released is ‘Electric Feel’. I can’t get enough of this song. They recorded the song with a layer of distortion that makes it sound like your speakers are blown. It’s not your speakers, so don’t worry about it the first time you hear it.

Ian Brown from Stone Roses fame does a great cover of MJ’s Thriller. If you remember this was one of the first music videos that had almost the same amount of production and cost of a major motion picture. Fujiya and Miyagi’s Collarbone is being used in a Miller Lite commercial. I imagine that they’ve made more money from that song being used in a commercial than they did in album sales. Congrats is in order though since it’s a great song nonetheless.

I had to throw in Yelle as an ode to one of my favorite bands from the 80’s, Heaven 17. Since we’re into that retro ’80’s sound, how about some old Gary Numan? From 1979’s The Pleasure Principle it’s ‘M.E.’ which some of you may recognize as being sampled by The Basement Jaxx in ‘Where’s Your Head At?’.

Parov Stelar’s lastest album is called ‘Shine’ a brilliant mix of jazz, Charleston and breaks. I pulled a mellower vocal track off the album with some great horns and changes. Last song in the mix is a classic Strike Boys track. This one has a great heavy bass line that blew up a stack of bass bins at an outdoor concert of few years back. Probably the most expensive song I’ve ever played.

1. Electric Feel – MGMT
2. Revolution Solution – Thievery Corporation
3. Thriller – Ian Brown
4. Valerie (Feat. Amy Winehouse) – Mark Ronson
5. Money In The Bag (K&S Remix) – Kraak & Smaak
6. Salvador Diaspora (Fort Knox Five Mix) – Rex Riddem
7. Collarbone – Fujiya & Miyagi
8. Reasons (Saturday Night) – Faithless
9. Ce Jeu – Yelle
10. M.E. – Gary Numan
11. Predict The Day – Ladytron
12. Good Bye Emily – Parov Stelar
13. Music Make me Feel So Good – Static Revenger
14. Cocaine Is A Sin – The Strike Boys


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