La Roux – Quicksand

I just love this track.  Throw in some great 80’s synth sounds and push it to the point of distortion.  Catchy hook and interesting vocals by Elly Jackson.  They’re actually doing a short US tour this month.  Closest show for me is Seattle on July 28th at Chop Suey.  Looks like Portland is getting passed up on once again.

Pet Shop Boys

I don’t care what people say about these guys. They’re still around and still sound better than ever. Check out this video from the Brit Awards. It’s a creative medley of their songs from the last 25 years. Lady Gaga makes a guest appearance and kind of ruins it but Brandon Flowers from the Killers looks like he could have been in the band back in ’84.

Hess is More

We’ve been playing the track “Yes Boss” by “Hess is More” for a while now on the area54 program and every time the song comes on the phones just light up. I haven’t seen interest in one particular song like this since Boozoo Bajou’s “Keep Going” from a few years back. Hess is More is Danish musician Mikkel Hess who besides writing music for his own band also produces music for films, theater and multimedia including a recent collaboration with the Danish Royal Theater in Copenhagen.

Here is the video for “Yes Boss” featuring the incredibly sexy vocals of Norwegian singer Bang Chau.