iTunes DRM free songs have metadata about purchaser.

So, Apple started selling some EMI tunes through iTunes without DRM, but with an additional $0.30 in the price, making DRM free songs $1.29 each. Apparently even though DRM is gone, in its place is meta data about who bought the song! So basically, if you pass your music on to your friends or put it on a file sharing network (or someone else takes one of your songs and puts it online) someone (The Feds!) would be able to track you down. It’s basically designed to scare you off from sharing music. Most people won’t even realize that they might be sharing a song that is “watermarked” since the data is hidden in the music file.

I find it ironic that Apple’s coming out TV ad for the Macintosh at the 1984 Super Bowl depicted Apple smashing Big Brother. My, how Apple has now become Orwellian themselves.

Dub Pistols “Rapture” Video

The Dub Pistols latest release is called “Speakers and Tweeters” and features 2 tracks with the infamous Terry Hall from the Specials. Some nice original work on the album and they actually do a great cover of the Specials song “Gangsters” with Hall on vocals. The other track with Hall is a cover of Blondie’s “Rapture” done in a killer electro/dub/hip-hop style that makes you forget how many times you’ve already heard Blondie’s version or even all the other covers in the last 25 years or so. Check out the video. Terry must have been a young lass back in the early 80’s cause he still looks pretty good in this video….must be the lighting.

De Phazz “Hell Alright” Video

I’ve been playing some tunes off the latest De Phazz release “Days of Twang” on my area54 radio program the last couple of weeks and have been getting great feedback on the album. I’d like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to my girl Beth at Kriztal Records for bringing this record to the States and doing a great job promoting it. Kriztal is by far one of the premier chill/downtempo labels in the country. Check out some of their compilations like, Bedroom Communities and Plush. All of them are loaded with gems and a perfect way to get a taste of the Chill genre.

Check out the De Phazz video of their song “Hell Alright”

Digitalism “Zdarlight” Video

Digitalism’s first full length is called “Idealism” and will be released on May 21st in Europe and June 19th here in the States………Uhm, why do we have to wait a month? It looks like all their previous 12″ will finally be on one release. Until then, check out a video of their excellent tune “Zdarlight”. This song always gets a great response when we play it on the Cocktail Mix on 94/7.