Vee Mix April ’08

There have been some great new releases the last couple of weeks. None of which I’m playing in this mix except for Moby. His latest album is called ‘Last Night’ and it’s a flashback to earlier Moby material from the ‘Everything is Wrong’ and ‘Play’ days. Classic signature Moby sounds abound, but also some of the most repetitive loops this side of Eiffel 65. Good for a couple of listens but then it gets a little grating.

Not so much with the latest Raveonettes album ‘Lust, Lust, Lust’. Distortion drenched music straight from Denmark. These guys sound like Bloody Valentine, Ride and Lush with a bit of Romeo Void thrown in for good measure. Great throwback ‘Shoe Gazer’ material but the over the top distortion might scare off a few listeners. Keep listening though, there are some great changes in the song.

The latest Kosheen album is called ‘Damage’ and is sadly not getting enough play on the radio, except for the area54 program on 94/7fm and…nothing wrong with plugging my own radio show! The title track is probably the best song on the album but in this mix I threw in the edgier ‘Freak of Nature’. Also, with Cinco de Mayo around the corner, I couldn’t resist going back to the classic Ween track, ‘Buenas Tardes Amigo’ off their seminal 1994 release ‘Chocolate and Cheese’.

If you’re in Portland on May 3rd plan on coming by the Area54 Cinco de Mayo party at Cha in NW Portland.


As they say at my local taqueria, “enjoy”.

1. Aly, Walk With Me – The Raveonettes
2. Ooh Yeah – Moby
3. Inspection (Check One) – Leftfield
4. Una Linea De Luz – Kinky
5. Precious – Depeche Mode
6. Hello there – Cagedbaby
7. Hiding On The Staircase – New Young Pony Club
8. Freak Of Nature – Kosheen
9. Someone Great – LCD Soundsystem
10. Thieves Like Us – New Order
11. Buenas Tardes Amigo – Ween


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One Comment

  1. “There have been some great new releases the last couple of weeks. None of which I’m playing in this mix”


    that’s like making us happy with a dead sparrow….!

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